Well today me and my better half  visited the home of a few (60+) sharks. We took a long drive to the sea life centre, squeeezed into our swimsuits, popped on goggles and snorkels & got into a big net under the water. Being under the water with so many different species of marine life made me feel so small. It made me realise just how special our planet is. Compared to the ocean, we were in a small tank (granted it was absolutely huge and filled with over 60 sharks, rays & other marine life) – these were all saved from being harmed in the wild, brought in for breeding to stop the populations of some species from becoming endangered.. It made me think about how much humans don’t actually know about the world we live in. I can’t even begin to imagine how many different types of fish are wild in the ocean, what comes out under the water when it’s dark, whether fish have feelings, whether blue whales get paranoid about their size. It really is amazing.

In the short time we spend at the sea life centre we saw starfish, got to feel their rough scaley skin. We saw sea horses, piranhas and some amazing jellyfish. I feel like we learned so much, as well as having a brilliant experience meeting the marine life face to face under the water, and I am so glad I got to enjoy the experience with my lovely partner

Lovely ladybirds,

Whitters x