Well hello. I’m Jess, I’m completely new to blogging. I’m 22, from Yorkshire, England. I have 2 children (one boy, 4 & one girl, 3 months.) Im sat here, pondering what to write for my intro post… with a cup of tea, watching my favourite programme QI.

I try to be quite a hands on mum, doing as many activities with my children – I’m obsessed with sensory play. When my son was a baby, I took him to centres where he was free to play with scraps of material, lights, lava lamps, whirleygigs & thingymabobs, he loved it. As did I, watching him take in all the sights and sounds that were on offer from the activities. My plan is to create a safe, sensory learning environment for my daughter & Ill be posting my ideas on my blog so other parents can take ideas for their own children too! Being a mum is something I do best, the only thing I’m actually good at. I’m not a spectacular cook, I can’t sing, and I can’t draw (very well).. but I’ll do anything to help my children’s development, socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. All activities have a lesson behind them, there’s always ways too boost development in everyday activities from a simple walk to the park to having a bath! Searching for bugs is my favourite thing to do with my son, he looks for snails & caterpillars on the way to school on a morning, and he always says hello to the little cats at the house on the corner!


the first project I have on the list is a latch & lock board, as the name implies- it will be a board, with locks and latches on… 😄 Photos of the making process will be posted on here too!


Lovely ladybirds

Whitters x