Now ive heard on countless occasions that being sh*t by a bird is really lucky. It happened to me a few years ago,walkingon the greenway pushing Son in his pram and all of a sudden SPLAT, a big bird sh*t lands right on my shoulder. I got a baby wipe out of my bg and wiped it away.. carried on walking and realised that bird culd of sh*t on anything.. building, cars, trees, the floor… but it managed to land on me. That’s pretty spectacular. The walk led me to my local supermarket, so I decided to test the theory of bird poo being lucky by buying a £1 scratch card.. when I got home and scratched off the silver coating and low and behold BOOM £20.

Since that day I have always believed the theory (myth?) that being pooed on is really lucky, and the way I saw it, I got £20 out of the theory so it worked pretty damn well.


Tonight, I fell victim to another incident. My teeny little angel princess girly girl needed her little bum changing. I proceed to the changing mat, remove her clothes, take of her nappy and start to wipe her poopy bum, no different to any other nappy change ive done in the past. I pop her legs down to get another couple of wipes and all of a sudden..


Yep, you guessed it. I was COVERED in excrement. Yum.

My hands, jeans, socks, and also the carpet were covered in sh*t. Even Partner was gyping because it absolutely heaved of smelly horrible toxic nappy smell. (yes, baby poo)

I’m now thinking, maybe I should go and buy a lottery ticket, or a scratch card? Because if the “lucky poo” theory is true, then after the explosion that came out of my daughter, I’m certain to win big!!!! (good job shes cute ey!) 


From a lovely smelling mother

Whitters x