Today we played with some squares of fabric. 20 pieces of blue and 20 pieces of pink, some stretchy, some sparkly, some stripy and some shiney. Daughter layed on her tummy and used her hands to feel the different textures, and then – yes you guessed it, the fabric went straight in her mouth! This is a really good way of introducing colours and textures to your baby. They learn through taste and touch at this stage (Daughter is 3 months) its so important to let babies explore their senses through feeling, tasting, seeing, smelling and hearing.

When babies are so small, its easy to think, well they cant sit up and play with different toys at the moment so he/she wont enjoy it yet.

Daughter has a treasure box and its basically a basket full of objects of different textures. For example, wooden rings, wooden spoons, egg cups, shiny metal bowls, bean bags, wooden dolly pegs, bath scrunchies, water filled teethers, and fabric squares.

Its important to encourage your baby to touch objects that aren’t just plastic toys, because lets face it, plastic toys get a bit boring. Let your baby explore!

Daughter is very stimulated by her new fabric squares. She likes to look at the shiney and sparkly pieces, and feeling the sequins and the rough sparkly ones. Ive wrapped them together securely using a bobble so make a rag ball, she can hold the rag ball and use her hands and mouth to learn all the different tastes and textures of the fabric.

In my opinion, a fantastic and cheap way to keep her entertained! 100% would recommend this to other mums and dads!


Whitters x