EVERYONE says: no two pregnancies are the same. I have 2 children, I was 17 when I got pregnant with my son and 21 when I got pregnant with my daughter. My son wasn’t planned, but my daughter was. I’m going to do a comparison of both pregnancies just to show the differences and similarities of each one! Enjoy!

1: Symptoms.

Son: Before I found out I was pregnant with my son, I was a full time student at college. It was a 9am-4pm daily thing, now, it got to the point where I got home from college at about 4.30, I would lay on the couch and fall asleep, wake up at about 6, eat, have a bath and go to bed for 7.30, sleep through till morning and do it all over again. I was grouchy, contantly yawning and it seemed as soon as I sat down I was drifting off. It actually got so bad that my mum was really concerned that there was something wrong with me as it was so out of the ordinary for me to be sleeping as much as I did. (Being 17 id usually be out ill the early hours with my friends).

Daughter: For me, I had the most horrendous of all the pregnancy side effects with my daughter. Sickness. Constant sickness after EVERYTHING I ate. If we went anywhere in the car you could almost guarantee we would need to pull over somewhere so I could be sick. It was absolutely horrible.

2: Size

Son: When I was pregnant with my son, it took me a while to start putting on baby weight. I was a lovely flat-tummied, size 8, 32C,slim girl (pre-baby) I didn’t start showing baby bump until about 22 weeks, and by the time I reached my due date I was in size 10 pants and about size 12 tops.

Daughter: Pre-pregnancy with Daughter, I was (looking back now) a healthy size 10/12 HOWEVER I started showing more-or-less straight away, and had a fully fledged bump at 12 weeks. By the time I was 39 weeks I was in size 14 maternity jeans and size 16 tops because my bump was so so big!

3: Labour

Son: My waters broke at 39 weeks, in bed at 4.30am and I was having contraction from about 6am until  went to the delivery suite at 10.00pm that nigh and by that time I was dilated 4cm… but I was in loads of pain so I opted for epidural as pain relief, I managed to get some sleep and didn’t get checked until 10am the next morning. I was still 4cm. The doctors said if I didn’t dilate in the next hour or so, I would need a C-section…. WELL son must of heard him, because in that hour I dilated to 10cm! By 11am it was time to push… And by 11.25 My beautiful son was born!!

Daughter: Sunday. 39 weeks. No movements from inside. Cue, panic stricken mummy and daddy.. Head to the hospital to get baby checked and THANK GOODNESS everything was fine. This wasn’t the first time I had been in hospital for reduced movements. She was a little monkey and gave us a real scare! The doctor said to us that because it wasn’t the first time id had reduced movements, I would need to be induced at the next available opportunity.. So down to the labour ward I went! All we had to do was wait for a bed to be free on the delivery suite and we would be good to go! – tick tock tick tock fast forward 33 hours (yes, a very long wait) and WAHAAY a bed was available. Ill never forget the instructions we were given once I got on the bed in the delivery room: “I’m going to break your waters, and it will probably take a good few hours for contractions to start so we will give you a bit of time to wander around before we induce you” – okay…  6am POP waters broke… 10 minutes later the contractions wee coming hard and fast!! (few hours? yeah right!) 3 hours later at 9.50am my beautiful daughter arrived into the world, to a very teary daddy and mummy who was on a come down from the gas and air, slowing coming back to reality!

4: Weight

Son: Son was born at 39+5 weeks and weighed 7lbs 8oz with the use of epidural.

Daughter: Daughter was born at 39+3 weeks and weighed 10lb 6oz with the use of Gas and Air.

5: Feeding

Son: Bottle fed from the start

Daughter: Breastfed for 6 weeks then then bottle fed!

So yeah, pretty much completely different pregnancies. Id love to hear your experiences of labour and pregnancy.. Ill be doing a couple of reviews on a few of my top pregnancy & baby ‘must-haves’ very soon!  Click the link to be directed to my twitter feed, and keep those stories coming!