When your expecting a baby it’s really stressful. There’s so so much that needs organising and buying, websites telling you need this, that and the other. Well I’ve thought of a few things that in my opinion are definite must haves for pregnancy and to help you out in the first few months of parenthood!!

1: Pregnancy pillow.

Its true what they say. Having a baby does cause sleepless nights, but what they don’t tell you is in fact the sleepless nights start BEFORE the baby actually arrives… the aches and pains of pregnancy are exhausting and they don’t stop when you get in bed. Especially in the third trimester when turning over in bed is a mammoth test that makes you feel like you need heavy machinery to turn from your left to right side!

You need something between your legs, to take the weight and strain off your bump, enter …. Pregnancy pillow. There are so many difference types on the market to help alleviate main problem areas, back pain, pelvic pain etc, and you can even buy one that doubles up as a feeding pillow! All major brands sell them and there is definitely a pregnancy pillow available to suit every budget!


2: Labour – big nightie & fluffy socks

When in labour, waiting for c-section, or waiting to be induced, in can be a lonnnnng wait. Hospital gowns… lets face it, aren’t the most comfortable night wear in the world and you really want to soak up every inch of comfort while you can before the road to recovery after you’ve given birth. I’d suggest investing in a decent nighty, cotton, so it’s not going to irritate. A nice pair of fluffy slippers and cosy bed-socks. There will do you the world of good after you’ve given birth too!


3: Post-birth recovery – Adult nappies!

The baby has arrived, the adrenaline has worn off, and the reality is setting in. After you’ve given birth you bleed. A LOT. Midwives reccomend you get some sort of maternity pads, (not tampons, ever) but I found the best thing for me was in fact “Tenalady incontinence pants” Now they look huge, and feel really strange but they are amazing for bleeding and a cheaper than you would think. Just wearing them as if they were huge knickers, they are so easy to get on and off and far more absorbent than any period pad or even maternity pad. My advice, stock up!

4: New baby!! – Bouncer/rocker

You love your baby more than anything on this earth, and all you want to do is cuddle and kiss and snuggle and huggle till the cows come home… but in reality, you can’t hold them 24 hours a day.. your gonna need showers, baths, toilet breaks, food and sleep! For nighttimes they have their bed, (although they don’t know the difference between day and night) so you need somewhere to put them! Rather than forking out for 2 Moses baskets – one for upstairs and one for downstairs, or even worse…. faffing about bringing the Moses basket downstairs every morning and back upstairs every night, you want to get yourself a baby bouncer chair or rocker. My favourite is the Mamas and Papas starlight swing… it’s a battery operated swing so your not sat swinging it constantly, they play soothing music and it has soothing starlights for the baby to look at! And at around £100 it’s great value for money!

5: Feeding

Its the age old argument bottle vs. breast

what ever you choose is going to work, breast? Bottle? Who cares. Baby is getting fed and that’s ALL that matters. I found bottle feeding great, however it was a faff…. boiling kettle, making formula, cooling bottle…. it’s a time consuming thing and can drive you crazy when you have a screaming baby who wants a bottle just right NOW.. I’d advise the Tommie Tippee Perfect Prep machine, it makes bottles for you, at body temperature so there’s no waiting around for bottles to cool, the water is filtered & there is a light indication when the filter needs changing, the water tank needs refilling or the machine needs cleaning. This machine is amazing… it reduces bottle prep time by over half and ultimately reduces chance of baby becoming more and more stressed & helps keep mummy & daddy’s sanity levels at normal!!


What are your top parenting must-haves? Comment below!!!



Whitters x