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If you like what your reading, want ideas for sensory play or want any advice relating to any of my posts then please feel free to contact me VIA e-mail: or send me  DM on TWITTER by clicking the link... Continue Reading →

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Anxiety and me.

Hi everyone! Long time and no post! I'm going to write a post today about something that everyone can relate to. Anxiety. I'm not just talking about pre driving test, first date, job interview anxiety. I'm talking about nervous break-downs,... Continue Reading →

Minniemoomakes: Squidge!

I'm a lover of sensory play and I love crafts, and having a go at making things. Well today I made a Squidge. If your a newbie at crafting and fancy giving it a go, id love to see your... Continue Reading →

Top 5 pregnancy & baby MUST HAVES!

When your expecting a baby it's really stressful. There's so so much that needs organising and buying, websites telling you need this, that and the other. Well I've thought of a few things that in my opinion are definite must... Continue Reading →

Chalk & Cheese. The tale of 2 pregnancies!

EVERYONE says: no two pregnancies are the same. I have 2 children, I was 17 when I got pregnant with my son and 21 when I got pregnant with my daughter. My son wasn't planned, but my daughter was. I'm... Continue Reading →

Mums not well! 

Okay... i have an ear infection... and it HURTS!!! Doctors at dinner time to get something to get rid of it.. it's driving me mad!  Being a mum and being poorly aren't 2 things i enjoy mixing, in just grateful... Continue Reading →

Learn through play: Fabric squares.

Today we played with some squares of fabric. 20 pieces of blue and 20 pieces of pink, some stretchy, some sparkly, some stripy and some shiney. Daughter layed on her tummy and used her hands to feel the different textures,... Continue Reading →

Its really not about the money.

I am lucky.. I have been blessed with 2 beautiful children, and I have a lovely little house, and a wonderful partner who does everything for us. In May 2015 I met my partner, on a whim, after talking for... Continue Reading →

Does this make me the luckiest person ever?

Now ive heard on countless occasions that being sh*t by a bird is really lucky. It happened to me a few years ago,walkingon the greenway pushing Son in his pram and all of a sudden SPLAT, a big bird sh*t... Continue Reading →

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